Pascal Flammer

The owls are not what they seem

21 November – 17 Januar 2015

„The owls are not what they seem“. The title of the solo show by the architect Pascal Flammer refers to the core of his work whose Calvinist influences are instantly recognisable. Every piece of architecture by Pascal Flammer is named with a sentence: A traditional timer house as mould for a concrete cast – The hybrid Jurassic/Japanese wooden barn – or The pillar – and slab office building with interlocking stairways.

The titles describe the architecture but they also communicate the dissonances which are manifested as apparently paradoxical spaces and compositions and which have a strong presence. Flammer talks here „about forms which produce presence – which resolve something but equally leaves it unanswered.“

This exhibition presents Pascal Flammer’s work of the last 10 years. It is arranged as a type of cosmos and shows all aspects of his involvement with architecture. On show are miniatures and small framed tableaux, which referred to single projects, as well as his own models, sculptures and painting. These artistic works are an integral component of Pascal Flammer’s work. They are the source of the dissonances in his architecture.