Sandro Steudler
Astralschlaufen & Tiefenlinien
17 June – 11 July 2020
and after Summer break
29 August – 19 September 2020

«Astralschlaufen & Tiefenlinien» shows two works from Sandro Steudlers‘ long-term project «Der Bau» (The Burrow).

«Der Bau» is an architectural data sculpture and has been growing since 2003. The starting point for this project was Steudlers‘ interest in the underground. Steudler defines it as terra incognita and as a space of thought and possibility. The artist designs and realizes models, architectures, sculptures, and multimedia works that become part of the whole (Der Bau). To date, over fifty fragments have been designed and realized. The development of the project can be followed on the website:

The multimedia work «Astralschlaufen I und II» (Astral loops) shown in the exhibition deals with the transformation of various attributions of space and body. The video work «Das Oberflächen-Tiefen-Paradoxon (Einstieg)» deals with sculpture in urban space, as a possible dwelling for people and as an entrance to the underground.