miniatures and landscapes

Exhibition 10 December – 28 January 2017

The exhibition miniatures and landscapes shows a series of large-scale models, which attempt to miniaturize architectural space or spatial systems. University buildings, a residential blocks, a sports halls – each of these models were built in scale of 1:50, 1:20 or 1:33. A series of photographs projected onto the wall poses a dynamic pole to the presence of the large-scale models. The photographs depict rural, as well as urban landscapes, through which the architectural models move – Spaces and spatial systems are set in motion, and become architecture rather than remain architecture.

The models and photographs are taken directly from the work processes of students and young architects. They have in common a specific methodology and fascination for large-scale models. The photographs were taken by Leon Faust during his extensive journeys.

This exhibition was developed in collaboration with:
Jann Erhard, Leon Faust, Hermes Killer and Nathanael Weiss

Models: Giulia Augugliaro, Sebastian Carella, Jann Erhard, Lion Haag, Daniel Hurschler, Joni Kacani, Hermes Killer, Martin Kugelmeier, Juri von Aster, Sam Vontobel, Nathanael Weiss
Photographs/Projections: Leon Faust

Opening hours Thu – Fri 4 – 7
Sat 2 pm – 6 pm and by appointment