Saturday, November 30, 2019, 1.30-6pm

With the installation liquid projection I-III, WALDRAP investigates the urban and social potential of hidden infrastructure. The installation visualizes a scenario that makes the groundwater basins in Altstetten accessible to the public. WALDRAP suggests converting the basins into gigantic eco-pools. The result is a vast landscape interspersed with swimming areas, that connects Altstetten with the industrial quarter. This plot would relieve the public swimming sites along the Limmat and provides a new park for cooling down, contemplation, and sporting activities.

liquid projection I-III, 2019
video, 3 channel installation
concept: WALDRAP Renate Walter & Sebastian Lippok
production: Martin Wey, Felix Zeitler
sound: Silvio Buchmeier


The work will be presented within the frame of the event Architekturforum Zürich unterwegs in Altstetten.