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Models of Thought
all photos: © Jon Naiman

Monika Stalder; Future Moons
all photos: © Jon Naiman

WOJR – other masks
all photos: © the artist

miniatures and landscapes
cover page: © Jon Naiman

Tobias Nussbaumer; transmapping
all photos: © Jon Naiman

Patric Sandri; Eight Canvas – One Painting
all photos: © the artist
text: © the artist

Philipp Schaerer
all photos: © Jon Naiman

Unfixed Positions
cover page: Bonnie Begusch; Means and Ends, 5 min video, color, silent (Detail) – © the artist

Hans-Peter Kistler – Silence & Color
cover page: © the artist, Photo: Hans-Peter Kistler, Kilian Kistler, Sylvaine Metthez
exhibitions views: © Jon Naiman

Projects Nobody Asked For
all photos: © Jon Naiman
text: © Martin Saarinen, 2015

Marco Fedele di Catrano; The Poet’s Garden
photo cover page: © Jon Naiman
photos exhibitions views: © the artist, © Jon Naiman

Pascal Flammer; The owls are not what they seem
all photos: © Jon Naiman

Thomas Hauri
all photos: © Jon Naiman
text: Lorenz Wiederkehr, 2014